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Training & Apprenticeships

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Hoople is one of the largest suppliers of training programmes in Herefordshire. We offer over 200 courses in many different disciplines that are applicable to a wide range of organisations.

We provide training to support every need: from mandatory training for the care sector, vocational skills and IT training, personal and professional development. You need look no further than Hoople.


Hoople is also one of Herefordshire's leading providers of apprenticeships and pre-apprentice programmes.

Our specialism is health and social care, but we also offer well respected and quality apprenticeship programmes in business administration, customer service, early years and childcare (including teaching assistants) and dental nursing.

What can you expect?

We offer a warm and welcoming environment and smaller class sizes than many other providers. We're proud of our exceptional teaching and training standards, as evidenced by our customers' stories, and our experienced and friendly team are confident of being able to offer you exactly the training programme that you need.

To find out more, please browse the relevant sections of this website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call or fill in our online form.