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The Hoople Board

Hoople's Board, which has a non-executive role, is comprised of representatives from our shareholding partners (Herefordshire Council and Wye Valley NHS Trust).

The role of the Board is to set the strategic direction of the company, to oversee development of the company's business plan and the plans that support it, and to ensure that it meets its performance and financial objectives on behalf of the shareholders.

The Board is supported by the Executive Management team which has the responsibility of ensuring that the business plan is implemented, that day-to-day operations run smoothly and that customers remain happy and loyal to the business.

Copies of the minutes of Hoople Board meetings are available from this website. 

Board members

Andrew Cottom

Andrew Cottom
Wye Valley NHS Trust representative

Andrew joined Hoople as a Non-Executive Director in January 2015. He trained as an accountant in the West Midlands Regional Health Authority area and pursued a very successful career just across the border in NHS Wales.

Andrew has worked at a very senior level in complex NHS organisations, covering most aspects of the NHS. This has been in both urban and very rural settings, the latter being in Powys where he was Chief Executive of the Powys Health Board for four years.

Following a national role he undertook on a part time basis, Andrew left the NHS at the end of August 2014 to enable him to spend more time on voluntary work, mainly associated with his local church in Abergavenny. He is also a Non-Executive Director and Chair of Audit Committee for Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Cllr Harry Bramer

Cllr Harry Bramer (Chair) 
Herefordshire Council representative

Cllr Harry Bramer has been a local businessman since 1981, with interests in Essex, Somerset and Gloucestershire. Outside of Herefordshire Council, he is the chairman of a family business operating four wedding venues holding approximately 1,000 weddings per year. Cllr Bramer is now in his fourth term for Herefordshire Council and, as the Cabinet Member for Contracts and Assets, is finding it a most interesting time.

Richard Ball
Herefordshire Council representative

(further details to follow)

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