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Court appointee and deputyship

Whilst this service is not a statutory requirement for local authorities, some councils may want to offer this service as a value-added benefit to their local community but may not have the skills or the staff to do so. Hoople has been designated as court appointee and deputy for clients who are unable to manage their own finances, typically those who have:

  • Dementia
  • Brain injury
  • Learning disability
  • Mental illness

Following a designation of mental incapacity by the Court of Protection, Hoople’s experienced and trustworthy team deal with the financial affairs of clients who are unable to manage them for themselves and have no family or friends who can assist them. Working on behalf of claimants receiving income from the Department for Work and Pensions and with clients who have savings and assets over a certain threshold, we will pay all bills and manage finances on their behalf. 

For further information, please download our information booklet or please get in touch.