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Debt collection services

Local authority debt now runs into many millions of pounds and with consumer borrowing at an all time high, local authorities are finding themselves in direct competition with repayment demands from loan and mortgage companies and banks.

Hoople’s debt collection services use proactive systems and procedures to achieve excellent results. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff enable efficient debt recovery and the accurate identification of those who are entitled to benefits. In Herefordshire, we achieve 98.4% collection of council tax and 98.5% collection of business rates. 

We offer the following services individually or in combination depending on your needs:

Council tax and business rate collection

Hoople recovers outstanding and overdue council tax and business rates in accordance with statutory requirements. Our team works with individual and business taxpayers to recognise their individual needs and to secure reasonable and manageable repayments.  

Hoople is proactive in managing outstanding debt through the profiling of old debt and ensuring that entitlement to discounts, exemptions and council tax reduction are claimed, valid and up to date.

Housing benefit overpayments

On behalf of local authority customers, Hoople ensures that housing benefit overpayments are invoiced and recovered effectively using statutory methods whilst paying special care and attention to vulnerable claimants.

Rental property collection

Hoople manages the invoicing and collection of rental properties on behalf of local authorities. Our close working arrangements with these clients enables us to recover outstanding amounts more effectively and efficiently on their behalf.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.