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Daniel's blog: 11 January 2017

Wednesday 11 January 2017 9.05am

Daniel Robinson, Business Administration Apprentice at HooplePrevious: 14 December 2016 | Next: 16 February 2017

Hello and Happy New Year! My name’s Daniel Robinson and I’ve been working at Hoople Training for just over 3 months for my Business Administration Apprenticeship. I’ve been writing up these monthly blog posts to give an insight about my daily life as an apprentice to help anybody that is considering the apprenticeship option.

I mentioned in my previous blogs that I am part of Hoople’s Contracts team. It’s my main job to scan, save, and file away certificates that arrive through the post.

The process of filing away a certificate is pretty straight forward; the certificate arrives through the post, the details of the certificate are written down onto a table; such as the learner’s name, qualification achieved, and date we received the certificate. Afterwards, the certificate gets scanned and saved onto Hoople’s database, and the certificates are filed away into the learner’s folder. Each step requires a good attention to detail since one missing certificate will cost more than what I earn in a day to replace, and it’s not unusual to file away three or four certificates daily. Thankfully I haven’t lost any certificates.

When all of an apprentice’s certificates have been received and stored, they get sent an email telling them that their certificates can be collected. There’s always the chance that a learner’s email address is invalid, which leads me to having to call them on their home phone and hope they pick up. Normally they don’t which means I’ll leave a voice message and wait for them to call back.

The first time I had to leave a voice message to a learner was a disaster since I had no clue how to operate the company telephone, which only use up until recently was as a paperweight, therefore the message went something along the lines of:

“Hi, this is Dan calling from Hoople Training. I’m calling to tell you that you have sev—feh, how do I delete this voice messa—“.

Sadly I never did find out how to delete that voice message so some person out there has a recording of me sounding like a clown. Granted, despite feeling slightly nervous when I first had to use the telephone, I’d like to think that I’m improving.

If the learner doesn’t respond to the one of these messages for over a year, I’ll send a letter to remind them to collect their certificates. The letter states that if they don’t collect their certificates within 30 days, they’ll be shredded. While it may sound cruel to shred an apprentice’s certificates, there’s only a set amount of space at the training centre and 15 months is a more than enough time to call or message a member of staff to arrange a collection period. Also, I feel slightly guilty when I have to shred about 5 or 6 certificates from a single person’s file.

I’ve put a lot of thought into what I would like to do after my apprenticeship and I’ve decided that I probably won’t be applying to University any time soon. Originally I wanted to take a gap year out to earn the prerequisites to study Music at University in order to become a private piano teacher as a side hobby; however I found out that it is possible to earn a diploma outside of University, therefore saving me a small fortune! By taking an apprenticeship, I have more spare time at home to practice for my graded exams since I don’t have any coursework or exams to worry about.

Daniel Robinson, Business Administration Apprentice at Hoople

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