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Daniel's blog: 12 October 2016

Wednesday 12 October 2016 3.35pm

Daniel Robinson, Business Administration Apprentice at HoopleNext: 16 November 2016

Hello! My name’s Daniel Robinson, and I’m an apprentice with the Training and Education team at Hoople. Over the next few months, I’ll be writing up a series of blog entries here on the company website as I undergo my Business and Administration apprenticeship. This, I hope, will be a useful insight for anybody considering the apprenticeship option!

I work with the contracts administration team, and have been working with them for a little under three weeks so far. I was very nervous to start, since it’s my first proper job, but the team are tremendously helpful and I feel like I’ve settled well with them in what little time I’ve had! I find the work rewarding, although slightly challenging, but I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far.

I started to consider apprenticeships earlier in the year, as a gap before university; I really didn’t know what I wanted to study. It felt like too big of a decision, especially when I have such little experience of what being part of a working environment is like. I wanted to experience real work before making this sort of a commitment, so I went to my college’s careers adviser.

On their recommendation, I applied to undertake an apprenticeship with Hoople. I was successful in interviewing for a post within Hoople’s own contracts administration team, and started at the end of September. There’s been a lot to take in since then, but I’m very pleased to be here after a summer of uncertainty!

I still intend to go to university, but I’m not in any rush. I’d prefer to see where my apprenticeship takes me, and apply when I’ve had time to make an informed decision about my career plans. I don’t have any particular outcomes in mind with my apprenticeship, except to experience work. Thankfully, the apprenticeship offers an excellent chance to do just that.

Daniel Robinson, Business Administration Apprentice at Hoople

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  • Caroline Beales

    You are a pleasure to have around. I'm pleased that you have settled in and are enjoying it.

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