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Daniel's blog: 16 February 2017

Thursday 16 February 2017 9.15am

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Hello! My name’s Daniel and I’m a Business Administration Apprentice that has been working at Hoople’s Contracts Department for nearly 4 months. It has just dawned on me that I’m already a third of the way through my apprenticeship. Too bad I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to do afterwards.

I’ve been up to a lot since the last blog post. For starters, I had the chance to join the weekly staff ICT training course with the rest of the Contracts team. Although I’ve only been to about 4 of them, they have become the highlight of my week, which is fairly ironic considering that I had decided to pursue an apprenticeship to avoid doing school work. I guess the main reason why I’m enjoying these lessons so much is because I’m able to use what I’ve learned to make the spreadsheets that I use on a daily basis needlessly complicated but much more colourful, which is good trade off if you ask me!

Another highlight to this month has been the Hoople annual staff event. To all of my readers unfamiliar with the Hoople staff event; it’s a yearly event involving all of Hoople’s staff to meet up and discuss topics relating to the company. This year, the event had taken place at Hereford’s Crown Court. Since this was my first Hoople staff event, I was expecting that it would just be a three hour long lecture about the company’s financial performance, which I was dreading since I know next to nothing about Hoople outside of its Training and Education department. Thankfully this wasn’t the case. Instead, the presenter turned round to reveal that the purpose of the annual event was to demonstrate how we can become more motivated and successful at work. Honestly, I was slightly sceptical (although relieved) at the beginning since the event had been advertised since the beginning of December, so I was expecting a much more serious atmosphere.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the event. The presentation was very well put together, and there were a few group activities involved, which meant that I had the opportunity to chat with a bunch of people that worked at Hoople’s main office. In fact, I later found out that one of the people I had met was a board member at Hoople.

Overall, it has been incredibly busy at the office. I’ve recently been set the task of sending out Health and Safety forms to employers, which had led to some embarrassing moments with poorly folded letters, sending health and safety forms to employers that haven’t had an apprentice for over 5 years, and forgetting to attach the health and safety form to an email asking the employer to fill out said health and safety form.

But all-in-all I’m still happy that I’m doing my apprenticeship at Hoople since there’s always something to do to keep me occupied, and the work is always varied so it never gets repetitive.

Thanks for reading.

Daniel Robinson, Business Administration Apprentice at Hoople

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