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Daniel's blog: 26 April 2017

Wednesday 26 April 2017 11.35am

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Hello! My name’s Daniel Robinson and I am a Business Administration Apprentice working at Hoople’s Training and Education department for the past seven months. Recently I have been spending a bit of time over at Hoople’s marketing department as I have an interest in working in a marketing related field after I complete my apprenticeship in September.

It has been an interesting month here at Hoople as I had the opportunity to attend the Hereford Means Business Expo with the Training and Recruitment teams as a representative of Hoople. The purpose of the expo was for us to grab the attention of local employers who are interested in taking on an apprentice or in our recruitment services.

As the day began and the Hoople stand was set up with our brochures and freebies, we stood ready to deal with any enquiries from employers, lured by our stand (the best looking one in the venue in our opinion!), a bowl full of mini Easter eggs and a box filled to the brim with Hoople pens. I must admit to snacking on the occasional mini egg as it’s tiring work trying to make eye-contact with passers-by so that I could strike up a conversation about Apprenticeships.

However, I was really limited in what I could talk about as I only know so much about Hoople. Most questions were passed onto other members of the Hoople team. However, I was able to answer a lady’s question relating to Business Admin apprenticeships from an apprentice’s point of view and I chatted up a storm, talking about what to expect and the benefits for her organisation. Looking back, I hope I wasn’t too pushy!

During a quieter period I had the chance to slip out and take a 10 minute break to wander around the venue and check out the other stands. Usually whenever I am at an expo, I typically grab as many freebies as I can carry, however as I was representing Hoople, I had to suppress my childlike tendencies to grab everything that wasn’t nailed down! Funnily enough, I realised that one of the stands was hosted by a local marketing company that I had spent a week at for work experience while I was still at Hereford Sixth Form College.

I also had the opportunity to attend a seminar being led by a co-worker at the training centre titled ‘Size doesn’t matter!’ Before my readers get any funny ideas, the purpose of the seminar was to convince employers that a company could be any size to recruit an apprentice—both large and small employers are eligible. It was a really good presentation and I learned a lot.

The afternoon passed more quietly, and at the end of the day we were all eager to pack up our stand and go back to the office. I returned with the Marketing team to Hoople’s main office and sat with a member of the team while he designed a new apprenticeship application form which is a vast improvement on our current one.

 The day then came to a close and I had to prepare for my return to the training centre the following day. The drawback of these visits to the Marketing team is that my workload doubles when I return so I had a nice stack of certificates waiting for me at my desk! But it was definitely worth it as the Expo was possibly the most memorable activity for me in the seven months of my apprenticeship so far—which says a lot since I absolutely love my job at the training centre.

Thank you for reading this month’s blog and look forward to the next one!

Daniel Robinson, Business Administration Apprentice at Hoople

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