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Daniel's blog: 28 July 2017

Friday 28 July 2017 9.45am

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My name is Daniel and I’m a Business Administration Apprentice working in Hoople Training and Education’s Contracts team. I’m nearing the end of my apprenticeship at Hoople as I’m finishing in less than two months—so what better time to talk about my experience as a whole with doing an apprenticeship?

When I started out back in September, I was a bundle of nerves that had no clue as to what to expect. It was my first actual job. I was half expecting to get thrown into the deep end with all these roles and responsibilities pushed onto me the moment I walked through the door. Thankfully, the Contracts team and my assessor were very supportive and helped me through those first few hurdles, so I could figure out how to do the roles I now complete on a daily basis. I still made more mistakes than I’m willing to admit, but I like to think that got much better as time went on!

As I gradually settled into my job, my job solely revolved around four tasks; unlocking the filing cabinets, waiting for certificates to arrive through the post, helping with filing away paperwork, and chasing employers to fill out our Health and Safety forms. In what seemed like no time, I was busy for the duration of my eight hour shifts, and I felt like a real part of the team. The work at the time was varied, and I had the chance to start some small projects like redesigning old signs and relabelling the filing cabinets, once I had been taught how to use the laminator machine and photocopier. I really enjoyed doing these sorts of tasks as I was able to think outside of the box and be a bit creative with how the signs and labels were designed.

Afterwards began my first real team based project. The archiving project occupied most of December as the Contracts team had to package the old learner boxes to be sent off to the warehouse Hoople uses. Looking back, I learned a few useful life skills during the project, and picked up a few tricks in Excel that I didn’t know were possible. I even had the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at how Hoople clears up their old learner files by sending them off to a warehouse.

Following the archiving project came the Hoople staff event. This event was the first time I had realised how big Hoople actually was since, at the start, I imagined Hoople just to be a small training provider based in an old refurbished care home on the outskirts of Hereford. When I was put into a room with over a hundred people working across Hoople, I was really surprised.

After the Hoople staff event, I was left without anything new or interesting to write about in these blogs; I had developed a balanced schedule of juggling certificates, filing away paperwork, and the occasional odd job. Fortunately, this was around the time that the Marketing team invited me to be part of their team for one day a week for four weeks.

Admittedly, the days that I had spent with the Marketing team were probably the highlight of my entire apprenticeship at Hoople—as you all have probably guessed. If I were to give a reason, I guess it’s because I love having the chance to be creative. I spend most of my free time either doing something CGI related or practicing piano so, when I had the chance to watch the Marketing team redesign the Hoople website, I was ecstatic. During those days, I picked up on how useful it is to be proficient in Photoshop, understanding how websites are updated, and having a keen eye for detail.

Throughout the following months, I was responsible for a wider set of jobs, including invigilating exams, managing the reception desk, and even buying a jar of coffee from the local supermarket—only to be told that I had bought the wrong type. One particular job that really stood out for me was when I was put in charge of managing the applicants that apply for our apprenticeships on, covering for the main recruiter. It was enjoyable in the sense that it was a whole different field outside of managing certificates, and it’s always interesting to see what sorts of jobs are being offered in Herefordshire. It was heartbreaking having to contact the unsuccessful candidates who were not suitable for the position, but thankfully they were all very understanding.

Overall, I’m happy that I took the decision to do an apprenticeship with Hoople. I still have one more blog to talk about my goals and future plans—but in the meantime, thank you so much for reading!

Daniel Robinson, Business Administration Apprentice at Hoople

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