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Daniel's blog: 30 June 2017

Friday 30 June 2017 9.05am

Daniel Robinson, Business Administration Apprentice at HooplePrevious: 31 May 2017 | Next: 28 July 2017

Hello! My name’s Daniel and I am an apprentice with Hoople’s Contracts team. My main role in the team is to manage Hoople’s apprenticeship certificates that arrive through the post and make sure that they are collected by the apprentice.

This month’s blog post will be shorter than the rest as I have just come back from vacation. Unfortunately it wasn’t anything exotic as I was resitting my A-level Maths exams for the most part.

Admittedly, preparing for them was slightly difficult as I had forgotten almost everything that I had learned in class, which was just over a year ago. It is amazing how much time has gone by since then, given that I only have another three months to go until finishing my apprenticeship. But hopefully I have done well!

Since I have just returned to work after being away for most of the month, I was greeted by a huge stack of certificates. It didn’t help that I had forgotten to leave an automatic reply saying that I was on holiday, so I had to send an apology to a few learners who thought I was giving them the silent treatment for two weeks.

Despite those shortcomings, I had the chance to cover the reception desk in the mornings as I start working earlier than most of the Administration team. While I was very hesitant at the start as I dislike using the telephone, I gradually got used to the role, and it is always interesting to be able to talk with people from different walks of life. Plus it does not hurt when trying to improve my social skills too!

Aside from that, not much else has happened out of the ordinary. I am still invigilating exams with learners, which I am really starting to enjoy. Thankfully nothing has gone wrong as of yet as it is has been known for the computers to occasionally freeze up, but hopefully I will not have to cross that bridge any time soon!

Daniel Robinson, Business Administration Apprentice at Hoople

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