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First job interview advice

Thursday 20 July 2017 9.55am

My son has his first job interview scheduled for a couple of weeks’ time. It’s only for a Saturday job but at 16, and having never been for a job interview before, he is understandably nervous.

I was thinking about what advice I could give him. There’s the obvious stuff about making sure he looks the part, is dressed appropriately and is enthusiastic about the role. But what else will give him the edge? How does he ‘sell’ himself when he’s got no work experience on his CV and (not being unkind) hasn’t yet really achieved a great deal of any note.

Hopefully he’ll be in the same boat as many other candidates and it will come down to his intrinsic qualities and ability to carry himself well at the interview.

But what advice would you suggest I give him to help him to secure his first role?

Jan Bailey, Marketing Manager at Hoople Ltd


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