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Results Day

Thursday 18 August 2016 12.30pm

The Marketing team, Jan Bailey and James Bruton

Thousands of A-level students across England, Wales and Northern Ireland will today be receiving their results. Next week it will be the turn of GSCE students. These results will have a significant influence on their plans for the future and the options available to them as they consider their future careers.

If you are one of the thousands awaiting results, it is important that you understand the choices you have. Of course, there is still a certain prestige in going to university and some careers demand a degree. Parents too are often keen to see their children head to university and may be exerting pressure on you. But ultimately it’s important to consider what’s right for you and to weigh up all your options.

Have you considered an apprenticeship?

I was in this position a few years ago. Having finished my A levels at college and unsure what to do next, I heard about apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are basically work-based learning opportunities that combine classroom tuition with real, practical work experience. This means you can gain a qualification whilst you work and you’re gaining experience at the same time as earning a wage.

I applied for an apprenticeship at Hoople and eventually went on to complete a Level 3 apprenticeship in Business and Administration. I’m now employed by the company as a Marketing and Design Assistant. You can read my case study here.

I’d really recommend apprenticeships because they help deal with that paradoxical cycle where you can’t get a job because you don’t have experience, yet can’t get the experience because you don’t have a job!

Also, rather than accumulating thousands of pounds worth of student debts, I’ve been earning money instead. Although the wages aren’t always great, the opportunity to learn on the job has been invaluable.

Hoople offers apprenticeships in Business and Administration, Customer Service, Health and Social Care, Early Years, Childcare and Education (including teaching assistants) and Dental Nursing.

Class sizes are smaller than many competitors’—and certainly most universities—and the relaxed, friendly learning environment really helped me to develop my confidence.

Going to college or university is not the only option! To find out more, visit our web pages or post a question below.

James Bruton, Marketing and Design Assistant at Hoople


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