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How do you know if you're getting good training?

Friday 21 October 2016 9.42am

As consumers, we have a vast array of choice available to us. When we buy food for our dinner table, a new outfit, an insurance policy or holiday we are bombarded by marketing messages from suppliers trying to get us to choose them.

Ali Chambers, Senior Manager (Workplace Learning and Support Services) at HoopleThis is no different in the training and education market. Whether you want to buy some mandatory training for your team, a short course or are looking for an apprentice, you will be faced with a huge array of seemingly similar courses offered by a large number of different providers.

So how do you know who to choose? Which provider will help you to achieve your objectives in the most efficient and cost effective way?

Like many industries, there are various standards to look out for. One of these is the Skills for Care Recognised provider approval which is given only to those organisations that provide the best learning and development in the adult social care sector. Hoople Training and Education is the first organisation in Herefordshire to have been endorsed as a Recognised Provider by Skills for Care. The Skills for Care website includes details of all endorsed providers and a host of other useful information, including a free to download information booklet, ‘Choosing workforce learning’ (see:

Of course, there will be other more informal ways of finding out about providers. In a county such as Herefordshire, word of mouth recommendation is paramount, and you can also ask training providers to put you in touch with their previous clients for a testimonial. Some of this information will be available on the companies’ websites (you can find Hoople case studies here).

Whichever provider you choose, make sure that both you and your provider are clear about your learning objectives. Many trainers will customise their offering to meet your particular needs, so you don’t have to accept an ‘off the shelf’ programme and can make the best use of your time and resources.

Ali Chambers
Senior Manager (Workplace Learning and Support Services) 


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