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Hoople addresses concerns identified in Skills for Care report

Monday 21 November 2016 12.26pm

Senior Manager (Workplace Learning and Support Services)A recent report published by Skills for Care examined the state of the adult social care workforce both nationally and regionally.

In Herefordshire, the report found that although the average age for care workers is 43, over 25% of all the workforce is over 55. This means that approximately 1,500 people may retire in the next ten years at a time when demand for services is growing.

Although Herefordshire has an experienced ‘core’ of workers (around 69% of the workforce has been in the sector for at least three years), the turnover rate of employed staff in Herefordshire is higher than both the regional and national average (34.7%, compared with 29.4% and 27.3% respectively).

This data is important to all of us who work within the social care sector. The relatively high turnover rate and the age profile of care workers are of particular concern and highlight the importance of recruiting safely and effectively.

Hoople is running a Safer Recruitment Processes in Adult Social Care training programme on the morning of Thursday 26 January 2017. The session aims to build on current knowledge and skills to support a ‘value based approach’ to recruitment and selection. It enables the creation and maintenance of a workforce that embraces workplace values and feeds into the CQC KLOE of ‘Is the service safe, effective, caring well led and responsive’.

For further information or to book a place, please visit CPD online or contact our Training team on 01432 383500.


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