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Test Application form

Monday 31 August 2020 12.42pm

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Personal details
Contact details
Next of kin details

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Do you have any criminal convictions?
Do you agree to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check?
Last school or college

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Health and Social Care
Dental Nursing
Business and Administration
Customer Service
Support Teaching and Learning in Schools
Getting ready for work
Study Programme

If you are employed please provide this information

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Reference one
Reference contact details
Reference address
Reference two
Reference contact details
Reference address

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Have you been a resident of the European Union for at least the last three years?
Are you in the care of the Local Authority or the Leaving Care team?
Did you receive extra time when sitting exams at school?
Do you have a statement of special educational needs?
Do you have a visual impairment?
Do you have a hearing impairment?
Do you have a mobility difficulties?
Are you dyslexic?
Do you need maths or English support?
Is English your first language?

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Age bracket
Hours of work
Marital status
Do you have a long-term health problem which affects the type of work you do?
Have you opened a DfE-sponsored Individual Learning Account?