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Candidate testing service

Hoople Recruitment offers a candidate testing service that provides a range of options particularly useful for those who are recruiting to middle and senior management roles and directorships. Tests can be administered either online or face-to-face; to one or several individuals at the same time, dependent on need.

Personality testing

Utilising the Identity Self Perception Questionnaire, we can assess individuals’ preferred style of working in three key areas:

  • Capacity to influence and motivate others
  • Preferred thinking style in dealing with business information and issues
  • Personal drive

Ability testing

Verbal reasoning:

The verbal reasoning test measures critical reasoning skills at senior management level, including candidates’ ability quickly to comprehend and evaluate written business information.

Numerical reasoning:

This numerical reasoning test measures numerical reasoning skills at senior management level, including the ability to assimilate and manipulate data.

Critical thinking

We use the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Test to measure critical thinking skills and as a performance predictor. Questions are business relevant and designed to measure three different aspects of critical thinking.

Executive scenarios test and report

Candidates are presented with 12 senior management scenarios and asked to choose from a number of different possible responses. We will provide a profile of the results and a score of the candidates’ overall management judgement, together with specific feedback and development tips.

Prices are flexible, dependent on your needs. For further information, including charges, please get in touch.

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