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Teacher Trainee Opportunity

Job information
Salary Fulltime equivalent £16,487 paid pro-rata plus benefits
Organisation Steiner Academy Hereford
Closing date 12 pm on 12 March 2018

Job details

Much Dewchurch

Herefordshire, HR2 8DL

 01981 540 221


VACANCY FROM September 2018

We are offering a one year traineeship for a period of twelve monthsstarting in September 2018 for a suitable candidate who wants to transition from mainstream teaching to teaching in a Steiner school. 

This is an exciting opportunity which is now possible following the award of external funding.

As a trainee you will be supervised by an experienced Steiner teacher trainer who will draw up a school-based programme to suits the needs and potential of the individual trainee.

This is a part-time position and it is expected that you will work in school for approximately 2 ½ days per week plus attendance on training courses some of which will be external to the school.  The costs associated with any identified and relevant external courses will be covered by the school

The Steiner Academy Hereford is now in its eight year of life and is thriving with full classes and beautiful buildings and surroundings.  We seek colleagues to help us develop the living qualities of Steiner education here and in our three sister Steiner academies.

The Steiner Academy wishes to employ staff who are caring and will uphold the ethos and curriculum of the Academy.  To support this, we take into account current DfE guidance in relation to safeguarding children and safer recruitment.


Our aim is to enable children to have a full experience of childhood that can nourish and develop their innate gifts and potentials, so that they may become responsible, free individuals who think clearly, observe perceptively and act constructively for the good of the world.

For more information contact

Please contact Kate Andrews at the postal or email address above for an applicationpack.




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