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Job information
Salary Meets NMW/NLW
Organisation Field Farm House
Location Field Farm House Residential Home
Hours 07:30-013:30/13:30-19:30 (07:30-19:30) Days
Term/duration Permanent
Closing date 12 pm on 25 May 2018

Job details

To carry out a range of duties within the day-to-day running of the Home to maintain high standards of care for our Service Users.

Personal Care of the Service Users:
•To assist the Service Users in rising from bed, washing, dressing, bathing and general personal hygiene.
•To assist washing and toileting Service Users including hair washing and shaving of male Service Users.
•To observe physical well-being and reporting any significant changes in the wellbeing of the Service User to the Senior Carer on duty.
•To attend to sick Service Users and perform such task as may be required e.g. serving meals on a tray, washing and combing hair, toileting bathing and attending to other aspects of hygiene as necessary.
•To use correct manual handling techniques with use of equipment provided.
•To assist Service Users, when required in retiring to bed.
•To help to serve meals to the Service User and assisting more dependent Service Users to eat when necessary e.g. cutting up food and feeding

Service Users' Clothing:
•To ensure that the Service Users' clothing is properly cared for as reflected in Care Plans and other
•To ensure that each Service User has adequate clothing and reporting deficiencies.
•To ensure that clothing is clearly marked with the name of the Service User. To note any repairs needed and giving clothing for repair.
•To carry out essential laundry duties according to instructions.
Staff matters
•Participate in training and personal development to enhance performance.
•Work effectively as a team and support other team members.
•Communicate and liaise with other agencies and visitors.
•Identify and minimize interpersonal conflicts.
•Participate in staff meetings, fire drills, appraisal and supervision systems.

To assist when a Service User requires small items. The care assistant may with the approval of the Senior Carer on duty, help the Service User by purchasing these items.
Trips and Outings
To accompany and assist Service Users on trips, outings and hospital appointments when requested by senior staff.

•To be available to talk and listen to the Service Users and to assist by reading to them and when necessary writing letters for them etc. when the time allows.
•To encourage self-help and independence upholding the right of each individual Service User to participate in activities such as music, reading, games and parties for the Service Users. To be required to give periodic reports to assist the review of individual Service Users.
•To be required to take on the responsibility of Primary Worker for a group of Service Users. To care for the Service Users' spectacles, hearing aids, dentures, etc., and report any loss or damage immediately.
•To be responsible for the cleaning of footwear, hygiene of commodes and the cleaning of wheelchairs and walking aids.
•Make and change beds, tidy rooms and do light cleaning including emptying and cleaning of commodes and toilet.
•Mop up spillages and bodily fluids immediately.
•Be cost effective and economical with the use of the Home’s resources.
•Carry out essential laundry duties when instructed to do so by the management.
•Be responsible for general cleanliness and hygiene of the Home.
•Deliver care to Service Users as per care plans and to establish the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the Service Users.
•Ensure an adequate exchange of information relevant to Service Users and the Homes by communicating with other workers, reporting to senior carers and using documents such as handover notes and communication books.
•Assist Service Users in contact with family and visitors.
•Implement the Health and Safety Policy and take responsibility for self, Service Users and others. This includes the use of Walkie-Talkie, maintenance report book and communication books.
•Acknowledge and take responsibility for meeting legal requirements of Care Standards Act 2000.
•Appropriately represent the Home, either in reception of visitors or in telephone conversations.
•To perform other appropriate duties which the Senior Staff on duty may from time to time request.
•To be familiar with the Health & Safety Regulations and Policies and Procedures of the Home.

Personal competencies:
•Maintain confidentiality
•Show concern for excellence
•Be sensitive to the needs of others
•Relate to others to obtain their commitment
•Present yourself positively
•Show self-confidence and personal drive
•Manage personal learning and development
•Provide consistency by recognizing emotions and minimizing stress
•Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times while at work

Confidentiality - Ensuring the confidentiality of Service Users and their affairs and that details are NOT transmitted in any way without the express permission of the person in charge.

This criteria is not meant to be definitive nor restrictive and will be modified to meet changing needs.


  • Training and career progression
  • Uniform
  • DBS and meals provided
  • Opportunities to diversify within the role

Reporting to: The Manager / The Deputy Manager/ Senior Carer

For more information contact

For more information please contact Field Farm House on or call 0143273064.

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