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Apprenticeship FAQs

Will I get paid?

Yes you will. You will be paid at least the National Minimum Wage for apprentices for the first year of your apprenticeship. From April 2018, this is set by Government at £3.70 per hour and will increase to £3.90 per hour from April 2019. After the first year of your apprenticeship and if you are aged 19 or over, you will be entitled to be paid the National Minimum Wage for your age group. Of course, your employer can choose to pay you more at any time.

How long do apprenticeships last?

This will vary depending on the level of your apprenticeship and your chosen subject area. Most Hoople apprenticeships are Level 2 or 3 and these last from 12 to 18 months.

How many days will I spend undertaking off-the-job training?

Regardless of whether you are following an Apprenticeship Standard or Framework, 20% of your contracted hours of employment must be spent on off-the-job training. This can include classroom learning, time for personal reflection, assignments and other activities. You will be expected to record details of how the off-the-job learning requirement has been fulfilled.

How many hours will I be expected to work each week?

Your employer is required to offer you a minimum of 30 hours per week employment, which includes the time that you spend on off-the-job training. They can offer you more hours, as required by the particular job role.

How will my progress be assessed and measured?

Apprenticeship Frameworks 

Assessment is usually on an on-going basis and undertaken by Hoople Assessors. It generally includes discussions with the assessor, work-based observations and written assignments.

Apprenticeship Standards

You will undergo an end point assessment by an external, independent assessor. The exact nature and format of this end point assessment will depend upon the particular Apprenticeship Standard being undertaken.

How much do apprenticeships cost?

Your training is usually provided free of charge to you as it is funded by the Government and/or your employer.

Will I be offered a job at the end of my apprenticeship programme?

There is no guarantee of a job and employers are not obliged to offer you one. However, many employers do choose to keep on their apprentices and see apprenticeships as a valuable part of their on-going staffing strategy.

What qualifications do I need in order to apply?

There are no specific entry level requirements for Hoople’s apprenticeship programmes. However all of our apprenticeships require you to study for functional skills qualifications in maths and English, if you don't already have these qualifications at GCSE grade C or above (or Level 4 if taken in the summer of 2017 or later). 

How do I apply?

Keep a regular check on our apprenticeship vacancies webpage. If you see a vacancy you're interested in, please follow the application process indicated. 

What kind of people undertake apprenticeships?

Please visit our online library to read case study examples of people who have undertaken apprenticeships through Hoople.

For further information about our apprenticeship programmes, please get in touch or start by exploring our apprenticeship routes. Further details and documentation can be found in our resources library.

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