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Apprenticeships for employers

How can I hire an apprentice in my organisation?

Apprenticeships are available for both newly appointed and your existing employees. In fact, anyone of working age (ie over the age of 16) is eligible to undertake an apprenticeship programme.

As an employer, you will benefit through nurturing the skills and knowledge required in your particular industry or sector. Your apprentices will be immersed within your organisational culture and understand the way your business runs. All of this will help with your future workforce planning and staff retention.

If you are an apprenticeship levy paying organisation, you can use funds from your digital account to pay for your apprentice's training costs. If you are a non-levy paying organisation, Government funding is available to support 90% of your apprentices' training costs; you will be required to contribute the remaining 10%.

How will Hoople support my organisation?

If you are interested in recruiting a new apprentice to your organisation, please get in touch. Alternatively, please complete and return our employer vacancy form and an apprenticeships advisor will contact you.

Hoople will support you every step of the way by:

  • Advertising your vacancy on the 'find an apprenticeship' service and Hoople's own website
  • Receiving applications on your behalf, checking eligibility and supporting you with screening/shortlisting
  • Liaising with candidates to arrange interviews
  • Communicating and providing feedback to successful/unsuccessful candidates

We would also be happy to support you with developing your existing team members through an apprenticeship programme.

What do I need to know about apprenticeship changes?

In 2017, the Government introduced a number of changes to the way apprenticeships are funded and operated. The main changes are summarised below:

  • An apprenticeship levy of 0.5% has been introduced for businesses whose annual pay bill is more than £3 milion. This Levy is collected via HMRC and can be used by contributing employers to pay for your apprentices' training (not salary) costs
  • Apart from the very smallest businesses (those employing 49 or fewer staff), all non-levy paying employers will be expected to pay a small contribution of 10% of their apprentices' training costs. The Education and Skills Funding Agency will pick up the remaining 90%
  • There will be cash incentives available to employers for taking on young apprentices aged 16–18
  • Older-style apprenticeship frameworks will gradually be replaced by new apprenticeship standards. The new standards have been developed following consultation with industry experts and are aimed at ensuring greater relevance to industry. Hoople will move to these new standards as soon as they become available in our core subject areas

For further information about our apprenticeship programmes, please get in touch or start by exploring our apprenticeship routes. Further details and documentation can be found in our frequently asked questions and resources library.