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Employing a new apprentice

By recruiting a new apprentice to your business, you will have a great opportunity to nurture and develop the skills that you need and a cost-effective and efficient way to plan for the future.

Apprenticeships can be undertaken at any age - so you don't have to employ a school or college leaver.

The golden rules when employing a new apprentice 

A new apprentice will bring lots of benefits to your business, but there are some responsibilities that come too:

  • You will be required to offer at least 30 hours per week employment for a minimum of 12 months
  • You must pay the apprentice at least the national minimum wage for apprentices. From April 2017, this is £3.50 per hour
  • You must support the apprentice to undertake the 'off-the-job' element of their apprenticeship. Regardless of whether your apprentice is following an Apprenticeship Standard or Framework, this must amount to 20% of their contracted hours of employment. It can include classroom learning, time for personal reflection, assignments and other activities. You will be expected to record details of how the off-the-job learning requirement has been fulfilled.
  • All non-Levy paying employers (with the exception of those who employ fewer than 50 staff) will be expected to make a 10% contribution towards the apprentice's training costs.
  • Levy paying employers will have the full agreed cost of the apprentice's training deducted from their digital account, subject to sufficient funds being available. 
  • You must supervise and facilitate the apprentice's learning in the workplace and provide a safe and healthy work environment, including ensuring adequate measures are in place for safeguarding. 

How can Hoople help?

Hoople can support you throughout the recruitment process, from developing the job description and person specification for your apprenticeship vacancy through to advertising and sourcing applications, checking eligibility, scheduling interviews and providing feedback to candidates. 

Once appointed, Hoople will also be there to support you with all the administrative requirements of the apprenticeship programme, including the individual's learning records and registration with the appropriate awarding body and paperwork needed to claim Government funding.

With which apprenticeship programmes can Hoople help?

For further information, please contact Dawn Haymonds, our Business and Customer Service Lead, or please read our information for employers booklet and frequently asked questions.