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Practice educators

The following resources have been made available for practice educators.Please keep checking the site as new resources are added regularly.

Resource websites

'Rosie 1': child protection simulation (University of Kent)

ScOPTbox: Practice Learning Library


Assessing BME students in placement


Download: Toolkit for assessing social work students in practice (.docx, 439kb)

Download: Student Induction Timetable (.docx, 76kb)

Role profiles

Download: Workplace Supervisor Profile (.docx, 73kb)

Download: Practice Educator Profile (.docx, 75kb)

Download: Team Profile (.docx, 79kb)


Download: Solutions-Focused Practice: An Introduction (.pdf, 87kb). Please also see associated PowerPoint presentation below

Download: Stan Houston's Reflective Practice workbook (.pdf, 4000kb). 

PowerPoint presentations

Download: Direct Observations (.pptx, 1029kb)

Download: Communication tools to support collaborative working with children with disabilities and adults with learning disabilities and Wiki-Me: What's it all about? (.pptx, 3350kb)

Download: GDPR Training (.pptx, 509kb)

Download: Building Emotional Resilience for Practice (.ppt, 1150kb)

Download: Coaching and Mentoring Workshop (.pptx, 1167kb)

Download: How do students learn? (.pptx, 2151kb)

Download: Motivational Interviewing (.ppt, 1295kb)

Download: Power, Influence and Use of Authority in Practice Education (.pptx, 2519kb)

Download: Role Modelling in Practice Education (.pptx, 200kb)

Download: Solutions-Focused Skills (.pptx, 1762kb)

Download: Supporting Disabled Students on Placement (.pptx, 1367kb)

Download:  Tricia Kelly's presentation on Stan Houston's reflective practice (.pptx 605kb)

Practice educator groups

Download: PE group: Refugee and asylum (.zip, 2430kb)


Auguster 2018 via BASW: BASW - Campaigning for better working conditions and wellbeing for social workers

16 October 2018 via The Guardian: Frontline training scheme poses a threat to social work education

25 May 2018 via Community Care: £3.1 million contract to train 700 social work practice supervisors awarded

18 May 2018 via Community Care: High retention rates among Step Up graduates despite ‘clinical levels of stress’

14 May 2018 via Community Care: Minister warned over ‘deep instability’ in social work education following £50 million fast-track contract

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