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Epilepsy awareness

Epilepsy is an often misunderstood condition that leads to many who live with it to suffer from others’ misconceptions. Epilepsy can have a significant impact on daily living and social integration. Those caring for people with the condition will be better able to assist if they develop a fuller understanding of what to expect.

This course will improve the carer’s knowledge and understanding of epilepsy and help them to develop their confidence in managing a person having a seizure.

Level: Basic
Duration: 3 hours

Who is it for?

This course is for any person who, during the course of their duties, may be required to care for or manage someone who has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

What are the outcomes?

On completion of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the medical background to epilepsy
  • Recognise an epileptic seizure
  • Describe how to assist someone having a seizure
  • Confidently manage a person having a seizure

An additional module is available:

  • Buccal midazolam

Additional information

Before you can access client specific training from the specialist nurse, care staff will need to have completed this training. Ideally, all attendees should hold a current first aid certificate.

For further details or to book this course, please contact us via our online form, call our team on 01432 383500 or email You may also search for upcoming open courses on CPD Online.

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