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Moving and handling induction

Care and support workers need to know how to assist their clients to move safely and with dignity. This course should therefore be undertaken in advance of working with clients in order to protect both the worker and the individual using the service.

The course includes theory and practical elements of moving and handling and utilises a wide range of techniques. Care and support workers will then need to be observed and supervised back in their workplace as part of their ongoing induction programme.

This course meets the learning outcomes of standard 13.3 of the Care Training Certificate.

Level: Basic
Duration: 1 day

Who is it for?

This course is for all staff who assist clients with standing, help clients in and out of vehicles, help with moving clients from bed to chair, from chair to toilet or commode etc, help clients to get up from the floor following falls, and push wheelchairs, use hoists, etc.

What are the outcomes?

On completion of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key legislation that relates to moving and handling of people
  • Describe the general principles that promote good practice in load management and the importance of using AAPPEE (Avoid, Assess, Plan, Prepare, Execute the move, Evaluate) method to support this
  • Demonstrate how to move and assist individuals and objects safely as detailed on course assessment forms that are relevant to the setting (assisting to stand, supporting individuals in and out of vehicles, bed to chair, chair to toilet or commode, getting up from floor following falls, pushing wheelchairs, use of hoists, standing aids, transfer aids)
  • Demonstrate how to move and assist individuals in a way that supports dignity and safe practice
  • Explain the use of safe systems of work and care plans in relation to assisting to move and support individuals
  • Explain the importance of reporting any changes to individuals in relation to moving and handling
  • Complete work based assessment of practice to complete the care training certificate/induction process

Additional information

A Moving and Handling Assessment Profile is completed by each learner.

A refresher must be undertaken annually for this course. This course can be delivered in-house if required.

We are also able to offer bespoke moving and handling programmes to meet the specific requirements of your setting.

For further details or to book this course, please contact us via our online form, call our team on 01432 383500 or email You may also search for upcoming open courses on CPD Online.

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